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Inside a Designer's Mind

Design Thinking is a process, mindset, and approach to solving complex problems.

In this booklet we put an emphasis on the mindset. Find an illustrated collection of 12 mindset attributes of the design thinker and doer: co-creation, conscious creativity, curiosity, ambiguity, empathy, human centeredness, learning from failure, making a difference, optimism, risk taking, doing instead of talking, team work.

We believe that while learning and opening to new perspectives, one should have fun, too! This is why we have included over a dozen of stickers in the last two pages.

Open your mind, grow as a human and have fun!

About the author
A curious human being and a service designer, Eleonora's passion is transformation and mindset change.
She loves navigating in multicultural environments, always discovering new things, sometimes failing, but always learning.
Eleonora's superpowers are: systems thinking and decisiveness.
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