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Design thinking camp

Maria Stashenko

Wonderfull Lab

Playing the Future: creating products and services based on future trends

30 August, Friday | 09:00 - 13:00 h.

In this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to create brilliant ideas for a product or service based on most recent cultural, technological, consumer and business trends through a Design Thinking table game with sets of cards, developed by Wonderfull laboratory team.

What does it mean to be creative? To overflow with ideas? To inspire others? To suggest a new way of solving problems? All suggestions are relevant and many people and companies look for tools and methods to foster creativity. 

One of the distinctive stages of a creative process is set by our brain activity, which usually operates in a low energy mode to persevere energy balance. That’s why our brain often rejects new ideas in favour of already existent and established patterns. This usually happens at the idea generation sessions which by their nature are dedicated to out-of-the-box ideas. How to help our brain generate really new groundbreaking ideas?

Through many sessions with product design teams at Wonderfull, we tried out tools, which help you go beyond known solutions. The one that worked better than all others were trend cards  - a simple set of short descriptions with pictures of all the relevant trends in the industry we worked with. There were technological trends, cultural trends, food&beverages trends and many others, all with one objective - to pollinate creative teams with all the cutting-edge technologies here, right now. To help the brain work better and create product decisions for the future.

After getting super positive and productive results in more than 100 companies worldwide, we created Playing the Future - a trend watching game, with a set of the most recent Technological, Cultural, Economic and, for sure, Consumer Trends. The game is used as an interactive tool which design teams use for 40-45 minutes during Idea Generation for the new product features or opportunities.

For a design team, it gives an opportunity to generate ideas based on existing or future trends to align the product with user and market expectations. Ideas, generated through the trend- watching game have a solid proof of trend consistency and user desirability.

The tool helps not only an explosion of ideas, to inspire others or to suggest new ways of solving problems, but it also makes every idea generated a sweet spot of innovation, validating Desirability, Feasibility and Business viability.

Product teams / service designers / digital product managers / usability designers / startup teams


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