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Design thinking camp

Pedro Janeiro


From Trends to Ideas

30 August, Friday | 09:00 - 13:00 h.

Understanding trends and incorporating them in your ideation process improves the likelihood of success, as trends - both global and local - reflect what your target market considers as desirable.

The best ideas are neither ahead or behind their time - the best ideas reflect the zeitgeist, the spirit of the period, and in innovation that spirit can be understood through emerging trends, which evidence what your market likes and desires.


When we see people monetising on their expensive assets such as cars (Uber) or houses (Airbnb) we see a trend that can be used and replicated in other ways. When we see people moving from traditional television (live TV, rigid offer) to YouTube and Netflix (asynchronous TV and fully flexible offer) we see another powerful trend in the way people consume entertainment. When we see the current public opinion massively against plastic discardable objects (plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic forks, etc) we see another powerful trend that might shape a future service or product. When we see the rise of artificial intelligence, of robots, of autonomous cars, of gourmet local food, or other trends, we need to learn how to best incorporate some of these unavoidable trends - people expect them, sometimes even demand them and at least some of your ideas have to be aligned with global and local trends.

These trends may be global and be societal trends, technological trends, financial trends, fashion trends, social media trends, etc. They may also be very local, related to cultural aspects, political, religious or others. In the end, your ideas have to feel desirable, and learning how to incorporate trends in the generation of ideas will bring a very human-centric angle and a fresh view on your concepts. 

Business development, product development, business strategy, customer experience, UX designers, marketing experts


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