We are a value-driven organisation. We believe in the continuous learning and self-actualisation. Our philosophy is that every person, team and organisation can and should transform and become a better version of themselves.


Our purpose is to contribute to a more sustainable and fair future through quality education and training, reducing inequalities and responsible consumption and production.


We can help you design better products, services and experiences. The methods we use are service design, design thinking, lean startup, agile.


First understand. In this phase we gain an empathetic understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, exploring the real needs and desires of your target group. The methods we use are qualitative interviews, observation and service safaris to name a few.


During the Research stage we gather and accumulate information for your customers and users. It is time to make sense of this information and to turn it into insight about the real needs, problems and pains they experience. This is the bridge phase between Research and Ideation.


Use creativity and innovation in order to develop solutions. Brainstorms and Associations are just a few of the best Ideation methods we'll teach you to apply in order to come up with out-of-the-box solutions.


Prototypes and MVPs as good as the real thing. They are early, inexpensive, and scaled down version of the product that help you communicate the concept and reveal any problems with the design. If you fail, you'd better do it at prototype level which is fast and cheap.


Lean Startup. We help you test the core feature/ concept of your product or service and get valuable user feedback. This is the fastest way into the market without spending all your money.


Innovation can be learned. We can help you develop specific organisational capabilities for a successful transformation and growth: Design Thinking, Service Design, Creative Leadership, DNA of creativity, Platform Design.



We Are a Team of Innovation Specialists, Designers, Brand Innovation Professionals and Storytellers.


Founder of Fabrica 360 and Accredited Service Design Master Trainer

Eleonora has 2000+ hours coaching multidisciplinary teams in service design and storytelling in the Netherlands, Germany, Romania and Bulgaria. With extensive hands-on experience in service design with over 20 large scale projects across different industries and cultures. Among her clients are ING Bank, Henkel, Porsche, Hilti, Raiffeisen Bank, many startups and NGOs.

Active community member, Eleonora is mentoring social innovations and social entrepreneurship teams, developing training programs in service design, design thinking, creative leadership, storytelling and business model innovation. 

Representative of the Service Design Network in Bulgaria and founder of Fabrica 360.



Storyteller and Mindset Designer

Desislava has over 9 years of experience in the Media production industry and has created thousands of news reports, articles, comments and interviews, as well as several dozens of photographs, published across print and digital media.


Currently she is channeling her portable skills and talents towards copywriting and visual storytelling.


Desislava is passionate about fighting stigma, prejudice and discrimination in its various forms by implementing innovative and sustainable projects which aim major social impact and mindset transformation



Oleg Kabakchiev is the ultimate multitasker. His persona is dwelled by multiple characters - (serial) entrepreneur, (non-professional) dj, copywriter and political advisor.

He already has several successful and both unsuccessful businesses throughout his life path. Oleg is using his spare time to develop new projects and to turn ideas into reality. 

Kabakchiev is founder and main character in two DJ platforms and one of the most recognizable sub-cultural bars in Sofia. But what excites him most are politics, music and innovation. 

For quite some time Oleg has been greatly endowed by the possibilities of using the fusion of art and politicis to create a better urban environment and to raise important dialogues.


Expert in Inclusive Design

Designer, focused on creating effective mechanisms for the transfer of knowledge between universities, businesses, and local authorities as advocates for the benefits of inclusive design and in particular a socio-inclusive approach. 

Currently Ivelina is based in London where she works for Singapore airlines in a transformation program.

Co-founder of Service Design Network, Chapter in Bulgaria.


Visual Artist

Alexandra Nikolova (Ål Nik) is a visual artist, illustrator and communication designer who specialises in building valuable and unique content for products, projects and brands. Her passion is the beauty and usability of web in order to provide fulfilling experience for the ones who come across your message and story. 

Co-founder of Service Design Network, Chapter in Bulgaria.


Social Innovator and Wine expert

Our key expert in a new social innovation initiative promoting transnational cooperation and exchange of experience, best practices and models for promoting self-employment, entrepreneurship and business creation.

Assen's passion is wine and currently he is doing level 4 in WSET and developing his blog


Transformation Designer

Experienced Life & Executive Coach with a demonstrated history of working in turbulent business environment. Skilled in Transformation, Change Management, Problem Solving, Communication and Idea generation. 

Author of Transformika Coaching Cards and PlayCraft.


Strategic Designer

Marina has over 150 projects and 12 years of experience in Design. Online services she designed has more than 1M users overall. 


Currently focuses on forming End-to-End Journey Experience Strategy for firms. Marina believes that customer experience is the new competitive advantage. 


Our team has founded the Service Design Network Chapter in Bulgaria in 2017.


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