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Dynamic Hands-on Masterclass Covering the Fundamental Service Design Process, Tools and Mindset for Service Innovation and Organisational Transformation

Sofia Tech Park | 27-28 November


Based on design thinking, service design is truly the next big competitive advantage for the business. With user-centred design at its heart, service design is about the design of services. In a digital age, it’s hard to imagine designing services without data and technology. But technology itself won’t solve a user’s problem and create a delightful experience.


In this masterclass you will learn how to shift away from a technology or marketing focus towards real empathy for your customers.

This hands-on experience will inspire professionals from different sectors and help them with practical knowledge, tips and methods to design the ultimate customer experience and to transform their organisation for the future. The methodology is set-up in such a way that you’ll be able to implement your learnings directly during your daily work.

Additional benefits: Certificate for attendance from the Service Design Network, 20% off for professional membership, mini-workshop on visualisation and complementary networking event.

"Great service isn't by chance, it's by design"


Todays customers have higher expectations than ever before and brands are facing challenges than they never had to deal with.
The winners are the brands which know how to build genuine relationships with both customers and stakeholders.
Service Design help you design unique services or service components which will stand out from the competition, or optimise existing services around what the customer really wants. 
Only an in-depth and holistic understanding of customers and their environment can create offerings that provide meaningful value and make a real difference. Service design thinking can provide this understanding.

"Service Design is all about making the service you deliver useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable" 

- UK Design Council


|  Learn the fundamentals of service design to improve organizational performance ​

|  Learn different ways to gain empathy for the user 

|  Learn valuable tools you can put into practice 

|  Gain alignment around vision, process and outcome

|  Put your knowledge to work in a concrete design challenge

|  Complementary: Visualisation mini-workshop and Networking event


DAY 1 |  27 November, Tuesday, 2018 | 09:30 h. - 18:30 h.

09:30  |

Welcome & Coffee


10:00  |

What is SD 

Begin with a sprint experience of each phase of the process. Learn about the trends from the Service Design Global Conference.

11:00  |

Case Study

Step into the service design world with this in-depth case stidy

11:50  |



12:20  |

Team Formation

Service Design is a Team Sport. Experience a proven tool to get to know your team mates.

12:45  |


Research Techniques | Interview: Learn how to prepare and conduct in-depth conversations with customers to gain insight into their lives and experiences.

13:15  |

Service Safari Lunch

Grab your lunch while applying the most widely used design research techniques: interviews, shadowing, and service safari.

14:30  |


Insight: Making Sense of the Research | Once you have uncovered unmet needs in a customer group you need to analyse and cluster the information gathered using affinity map.

14:50  |

Tools to Systemize and Analyze Your Findings

Learn how to use affinity map, persona canvas, and stakeholder map

16:15  |

Coffee Break


16:45  |

Customer Journey Map

Visualise your customer journey map and identify opportunity ares

17:15  |

Wrap up of Day 1

Reflect and share your takeaways

17:30  |

Visual Thinking mini workshop (complimentary)

Master the art of visual communication. Visualisations help you collaborate with your team, share your thoughts and make your ideas tangible.

18:30  |

End of Day 1


DAY 2  | 28 November, Wednesday, 2018  | 10:30 h. - 20:30 h.

10:30  |

Welcome & Coffee


11:00  |


In this stage, design thinkers spark off ideas — in the form of questions and solutions — through creative and curious activities such as Brainstorms and Worst Possible Idea. 

11:10  |

How Might We Questions

Reframe your insight statements as How Might We questions to turn the challenges identified into opportunities for design.

11:30  |

Ideation Session

Use inspirations and create as many innovative and creative solutions as possible. Then master the process of selecting one idea. 

11:50  |

Coffee Break


12:20  |

Selection Session

Selecting the most suitable ideas as important as generating many ideas. Use a few tested matrixes to select one idea.

12:40  |


Rapid Prototyping: Learn about possible forms of prototyping and choose the one that is suitable for your idea. Then build and test prototypes.

13:30  |

Get Together Lunch


14:30  |

How to Implement Your Idea

Learn about next steps that can be undertaken in order to successfully implement solutions in complex organisational environment.

16:00  |

Coffee Break


16:30  |

Team Dynamics and Leadership

What are the challenges in a team work and how the leadership can support teams by empowering them and fostering a creative environment.

17:00  |


A pitch is a great way to communicate your idea, how it works, why it counts, and who it benefits. Use this proven framework to present your idea to to everyone!

17:30  |

Wrap Up and Certificates

Walk through the journey we travelled together in the past two days.

18:00  |



18:30  |

Pitch Your Idea
For your pitching session we have invited the Service Design Thinking community in Bulgaria in the regular format we gather - Service Design Drinks/Design Thinking meetup. Check it out here

19:00  |

Wine, Unwind & Networking


20:30  |




All the tools we will practice will be made available to you after the training:

Team Canvas

 Very often team dynamics come as a main obstacle. This tool will help you form a team and kick start a project successfully. Know your mates before you start.

Stakeholder Map

When dealing with a challenge many internal and external actors have an effect on how a new service is developed and launched. Get to know the "ecosystem" and the value exchange between all involved. 

Interview Guide

In-depth interviews are a means

of engaging a user to gather information. Dig deeper into people’s attitudes and motivations in order to gain a sense of possible customer journeys in relation to your challenge.

Persona Canvas

Shift your focus away from

abstract demographics and

towards the wants and needs of real people. This is crucial for developing improvements or innovations of the services provided.

Ideation Techniques

Due to the nature of ideation, it is extremely important to make use of techniques that match the type of ideas you're trying to generate. This is an overview of different techniques that combine conscious and unconscious, and rational with imagination.

Customer Journey Map

Build empathy and see the customer’s perceptions in the larger context. Understand why your customers do what they do and how they experience interacting with organisations and services through different touch points.

Prototype Map

Experience some aspects of the service idea with customers, stakeholders or professionals in order to improve the solutions before they are realised. This map will give you an overview of all prototyping technique and their level of fidelity.

Value Proposition

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason a prospect should buy from you.This matrix allows you to describe how you might be creating value for your customers.

Pitch Canvas

Pitching an idea is a skill you can learn. This tool will is helping thousands of innovation and startup teams to tell a compelling story and deliver winning pitches.


Our programs is designed for a mix of leaders, change makers and professionals involved in developing and transforming services:


  • Managers of large and medium companies

  • Managers of Digital Transformation Offices

  • Representatives of marketing, innovation, departments and product managers

  • Customer Experience and UX designers

  • Entrepreneurs and start-upers

  • Managers of public institutions and non-profit organisations

  • Innovators and everyone seeking effective ways for designing and improving products and services

If you are interested in creating breakthrough experiences and services and to shift your game to the next level on better leveraging existing research and insights, this masterclass is for you.

" I loved that the masterclass is built on a concrete business challenge, so I could learn how to apply all the tools. The  examples from the trainer's experience were very illustrative and helpful."





Service Design Practitioner and Master Trainer

Accredited Service Design Master Trainer with over 20 service design projects in several countries and 2000+ hours of leading multidisciplinary teams.

Represents the Service Design Network in Bulgaria.



Universal Designer

Designer, focused on creating effective mechanisms for the transfer of knowledge between universities, businesses, and local authorities as advocates for the benefits of inclusive design and in particular a socio-inclusive approach. 



Visual Artist

Visual artist, illustrator and communication designer who specialises in building valuable and unique content for products, projects and brands.

Her passion is the beauty and usability of web in order to provide fulfilling experience for the ones who come across your message and story.

Design Thinking Camp 2019
Aug 29, 2019, 9:00 AM – Aug 30, 2019, 6:15 PM
Sofia Tech Park,
111 Tsarigradsko shose blvd. Laboratory complex and Incubator building, 1784, Sofia, Bulgaria

Get to know the value of Service Design! Hands-on masterclass with all the

essential tools and techniques to get you started. Including relevant cases

from our own experience.


Additional Benefits:

+ This masterclass is accredited by the Service Design Network. You will

receive a Service Design Network co-branded certificate for attendance 

+ Exclusive 20% discount for Service Design Network professional


+ Complementary visualisation techniques workshop on 27 November

+ Complementary networking event on 28 November


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