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A Finnish company got an impactful Service Identity designed with AI

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

A project, aiming to increase the customer experience for “Mandatum Life” in Finland, won the Service Design Award 2019 in the “Professional Commercial” category. The service designers from Hellon combined machine learning and algorithms to soften the design process and introduce metrics and numbers. They did extensive data analysis, combining different data sets on the company’s customers’ feedback, on process performance metrics, even on the stock exchange and its influence on the customer experience. The conclusion was that the company needs to increase the feeling of care about the issues of the customers.

The design team came up with a new service identity for the company. It consisted of different components in the service lines. The professionals even created “manager’s annual clock” and developed a game that was played across the whole organization to align all personnel with the new service identity and give the staff a sense of ownership. The customers’ experience has skyrocketed, they have been breaking the records, as well as in terms of sales. Now the whole organization is convinced that design is very powerful for the company’s transformation, which was not the case before.

“We believe that with machine learning design can be more scalable. It means that we can handle much more complex and larger data sets as a part of the whole design process. And that we can increase our ability to predict the impact of our actions, we can predict in advance before we start designing, we can predict the impact of certain service features, a new service or customer experience”, said one of the service design team’s representatives.

The Service Design Award, which was founded in 2015, is the most prestigious award honoring service design excellence from around the world. Every year the Service Design Network welcomes submissions from professionals and students eager to share the valuable contributions they have made to enrich the practice of service design. All completed entries are evaluated by an international jury of service design experts and judged based on established benchmarks of world-class service design. The benefits of submitting your work are countless, starting from free publicity for your brand, access to a broader audience to vital connections for business growth and credibility. This year’s winners gained international recognition, trophy and winner's badge, the ability to present their project to more than 650 professionals, one-year free membership in the Service Design Network and many more perks and privileges.


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