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At Fabrica 360 we we specialize in service and experience design in order to re-imagine the future, unlock new value, inspire your teams and make change happen. 

Our Service Design System helps organisations such as ING Bank, PharmaLex and Econt to create award winning service experiences with measurable impact.

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First understand. In this phase we gain an empathetic understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, exploring the real needs and desires of your target group. The methods we use are qualitative interviews, observation and service safaris to name a few.

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Prototypes and MVPs as good as the real thing. They are early, inexpensive, and scaled down version of the product that help you communicate the concept and reveal any problems with the design. If you fail, you'd better do it at prototype level which is fast and cheap.

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Lean Startup. We help you test the core feature/ concept of your product or service and get valuable user feedback. This is the fastest way into the market without spending all your money.

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Visualise your customer’s experience in an engaging and explicit visual. This map will help you gain shared and holistic idea on how customers experience your services and the interactions with your organisation.

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Test your business idea fast. Shorten the innovation process and breakthrough endless debates. The one-week design sprint, based on the Google Design Sprint methodology, is the fastest method to identify the biggest problem and test your business idea or feature.


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Use creativity and innovation in order to develop solutions. Brainstorms and Associations are just a few of the best Ideation methods we'll teach you to apply in order to come up with out-of-the-box solutions.

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Create the conditions that allow innovation, including culture change, skills and mindset.Build a productive and forward-looking team by getting equipped with the key skills of the new era leader: empathy, clarity, creativity.



Pharmalex has grown inorganically in the past years and has added  new offerings to its portfolio. We helped them to get to  know  their  markets and  customers  better by developing  20+  personas,  involving a multicultural team of experts with   different backgrounds. Based on the research and  personas development 

PharmaLex can plan better for  the  next  five years.

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Econt is the biggest logistics  company in Bulgaria, offering tens of  services. We helped with  improving  and better  communicating a particular service that was by Econ's  customers  and  employees confused with similar services.



Many organisations get  stuck in their ways of working  which more than often than not is counter-productive. We adapted our "Creative  Leadership" program to PharmaLex's needs and conducted series of  workshops aimed at fostering creativity, empathy, and thinking outside  of  the box. The ultimate goal was to encourage innovations and original  thinking.

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Cobuilder offers an IT platform that employs all relevant international standards for data management to help construction industry actors exploit the potential of product data. We helped a diverse team of  experts to  design  the new onboarding flow for different stakeholders.

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