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Dynamic Hands-on Certification Program Covering the Fundamental Service Design Process, Methods and Mindset for Service Innovation and Organisational Transformation

Service Design Network Bulgaria and Fabrica 360 welcome you to this 4-week accredited course.


Based on design thinking, service design is truly the next big competitive advantage for the business. With user-centred design at its heart, service design is about the design of experiences customers love. In a digital age, it’s hard to imagine designing services without data and technology. But technology itself won’t solve a user’s problem and create a delightful experience.

Learn how to shift away from a technology or marketing focus towards real empathy for your customers.


In this program you will be working on a real business case, building your portfolio as a service designer. Our hands-on formats inspire professionals from different sectors and help them with practical knowledge, tips and methods to design the ultimate customer experience and to transform their organisation for the future. The methodology is set-up in such a way that you’ll be able to implement your learnings directly during your daily work.

Additional benefits: Certificate for Attendance from the Global Service Design Network and a signed copy of the Inside the Designer's Mind booklet

"Great service isn't by chance, it's by design"


Todays customers have higher expectations than ever before and brands are facing challenges than they never had to deal with.
The winners are the brands which know how to build genuine relationships with both customers and stakeholders.
Service Design help you design unique services or service components which will stand out from the competition, or optimise existing services around what the customer really wants. 
Only an in-depth and holistic understanding of customers and their environment can create offerings that provide meaningful value and make a real difference. Service design thinking can provide this understanding.

"Service Design is all about making the service you deliver useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable" 

- UK Design Council


|  Learn the fundamentals of service design to improve organisational performance ​

|  Learn different ways to gain empathy for the user 

|  Learn valuable methods you can put into practice 

|  Gain alignment around vision, process and outcome

|  Put your knowledge to work in a concrete design challenge

|  Get trained by an accredited service design master trainer 

|  Get your Service Design Network certificate 

| Build your portfolio with a real business case

Week 1 | 18:30 - 22:00 h.

What is Service Design 

Begin with a sprint experience of each phase of the process. Learn about the differences between products and services. We'll be covering the benefits and the trends in the field and will illustrate all with lots of examples. 

Team Formation

Service Design is a Team Sport. You will be divided i groups of 4-5 people with diverse background. We will use a proven tool to get to help you bond.

Meet Your First Customer

You will be working a real business case, presented by your first customer. Learn what design brief is and what your customers' expectations are.