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Award-winning service design project transformed a social security organization in Chile

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Three organizations - UC Design School, Brandbook and SurAndina Consultores, received this year's Service Design Award in the “Commercial” category for transforming a social security organization through service design. Their client, Caja de compensación Cija Lon Andres, is a compensation fund - a private non-profit organization that is a part of the social security system of Chile. Through those funds, people get all types of social benefits – financial credit, benefits in health and in education, etc. The beneficiaries are more than 8 million people in Chile. The service designers aimed to improve affiliates’ experience and went for a triple approach – a mix between service design, operation management, and change management.

“For shaping social structures, we needed to deeply understand these things – the rules, the processes, the loss involved, but also the organizational culture, the way they did things”, claims one of the service designers. The team prioritized problems and co-created the solutions with users and co-tested the solutions. This resulted in 45 initiatives and changes in the way people were served in the branches of the fund.

The impact of design: People used to wait up to 22 minutes, before having contact with an executive, but the time was decreased to 5,5 minutes. The team has saved 1.190.000 hours for the Chilean workers. Also, the electronic payment penetration has increased from 10% to 95%, the abandonment rate has dropped from 14% to 5,7% and user satisfaction has increased from 73% to 96%.

The Service Design Award, which was founded in 2015, is the most prestigious award honoring service design excellence from around the world. Every year the Service Design Network welcomes submissions from professionals and students eager to share the valuable contributions they have made to enrich the practice of service design. All completed entries are evaluated by an international jury of service design experts and judged based on established benchmarks of world-class service design. The benefits of submitting your work are countless, starting from free publicity for your brand, access to a broader audience to vital connections for business growth and credibility. This year’s winners gained international recognition, trophy and winner's badge, the ability to present their project to more than 650 professionals, one-year free membership in the Service Design Network and many more perks and privileges.


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