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Service Lab

"Service Lab" project is a synergy between Fabrica 360 and Artesis Plantijn University College of Antwerp. The organisations will co-­create three social innovations through transnational cooperation in terms of exchange of experience, best practices and models for supporting self­-employment, entrepreneurship and business creation/ organisational development through service design, ecosystems thinking, remote cooperation and an interactive training platform.

Fabrica 360 will develop a methodology for designing products and services, methodology for ecosystem thinking (platform design) and a training platform. In the frames of the project there will be open training days and discussions with the target group and stakeholders, analysis of good and innovative social practices, evaluation and dissemination of the results achieved.



Eleonora CARNASA

Fabrica 360

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Fabrica 360 is a training and consultancy agency specialized in the development of training programs in design thinking, service design, creative leadership, platform thinking, storytelling and business model innovation.



Artesis Plantijn University College


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As a University College, AP is more than just a higher education institution. AP is a learning city, an enricher of talent, an amplifier of commitment and a deepener of the students’ world view. With enthusiastic teachers, progressive content, direct honest orientation and maximum interaction with expertise, AP ensures that every student can fully develop his or her potential.


"Service Lab" project is funded by Transnational Cooperation scheme under Operational Program "Human Resources Development" 2014-2020 via the European Social Fund. 

Beneficiary: Fabrika360 Ltd. 

Total amount BGN 191 105.71 from which BGN 181 550.43 European and BGN 9 555.28 national co-funding.

Beginning: 27.12.2018 г.
End: 27.12.2020 г. 


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