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We support you throughout the process of services and experiences creation. We specialise in corporate accelerators and transformation programs.


First understand. In this phase we gain an empathetic understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, exploring the real needs and desires of your target group. The methods we use are qualitative interviews, observation and service safaris to name a few.


During the Research stage we gather and accumulate information for your customers and users. It is time to make sense of this information and to turn it into insight about the real needs, problems and pains they experience. This is the bridge phase between Research and Ideation.


Use creativity and innovation in order to develop solutions. Brainstorms and Associations are just a few of the best Ideation methods we'll teach you to apply in order to come up with out-of-the-box solutions.


Prototypes and MVPs as good as the real thing. They are early, inexpensive, and scaled down version of the product that help you communicate the concept and reveal any problems with the design. If you fail, you'd better do it at prototype level which is fast and cheap.


Lean Startup. We help you test the core feature/ concept of your product or service and get valuable user feedback. This is the fastest way into the market without spending all your money.


Innovation can be learned. We can help you develop specific organisational capabilities for a successful transformation and growth: Design Thinking, Service Design, Creative Leadership, DNA of creativity, Platform Design.


We help leaders transform their organisations, their teams and themselves.

Artificial Intelligence initiative for ING Netherlands. The initiative developed and tested an algorithm which would ensure clean data pool and would be able to identify and match data items between legal contracts and the company data warehouse. The solution landed at group level.


Hilti was looking for the tool park management solution of the future - one that could maximize efficiency for customers on-site in construction projects and off-site during planning, preparations and management.

It's all about the first 100 days after a car has been handed over to its new owner. The task was to elevate the brand’s customer experience to a “best-in-the-class” level that will win customer service awards.


Service Lab - development of  social innovations in support of business creation. We are building a learning platform aiming to teach entrepreneurship skills such as empathy, creativity and prototyping via Service Design and Platform Design.

The VUCA dynamic, the digitalisation, the aggressive competition, and the customer evolution challenge the speed, creativity and flexibility of Henkel’s products and services. The task was to translate leadership vision into reality and design tangible hacks based on Leadership Commitments.

Laurea University, Finland commissioned us to deliver series of workshop in Service Design and Creative Leadership. The participants came up with validated prototypes for sustainable green solutions. Some of them pursued a career in Service Design.

Taxing initiative for ING DiBa Germany. Filling tax declaration in Germany is a process that is time consuming and confusing for most tax payers. We've come up with a MVP for one click solution. The solution was launched on the market in 2018.


The goal of this project was to come up with genius new entertainment, service and/or experience offerings for future cruise ship passengers that center around their cabin and generate revenue for the cruise operator.


The task was to redesign the Eco-Academy in Uzana area in order to address modern ecological concepts and to ensures access for special needs children.

The new Academy teaches responsible attitudes towards nature and deeper knowledge of the processes that occur in ecosystems. The approaches we used: service design, inclusive design, storytelling, business model innovation.

We worked with a couple of teams with a case related to the company's social responsibility program. By using the design thinking approach we guided the participants to prototype and test solutions that would ensure a higher employee engagement and buy-in.

We worked with the Communication team of Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria to create a communication campaign for mortgages based on real customer insight.

The team learned to create customer-centered advertising campaigns.


Online onboarding for individual customers for ING Romania. In line with digitalising the bank offering, we investigated the need and acceptance of having an online onboarding for individual clients. After an extensive research we identified a need for a trustworthy and smooth process and designed a flow which would meet customers’ expectations and would offer a great customer experience. 

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