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Creative leadership – a revolutionary escape from the norm

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

“The creator must be an outlaw.”

- Philippe Petit

We live in an era where every aspect of our lives is influenced by creativity. It lies at the

heart of human expression and presents itself in many different forms – it is in the music

we listen to, the books we read, the clothes we choose to wear and the meals we prepare.

Although the concept of being creative is somewhat abstract, we are aware that having an

innovative vision adds value not only to the products and services we develop in our

companies, but to our personal lives as well.

“Passion and its companion, inspiration, are critical pieces of the creativity puzzle”, write

Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire in their book “Wired to create”. Creativity is

meant to challenge the status quo. It inspires new concepts of the way we perceive

everything around us; it enriches people’s lives and enchants customers to engage with our

brands on a different level. It is not a talent you either have or you don’t. It is a skill you

can unfold, a muscle you can train.

Having in mind how turbulent economy is nowadays and the fact that many

businesses are struggling to stand out from their competitors, creativity has become

one of the most cherished assets in forward-thinking firms. Creative leadership and

design thinking are perceived as groundbreaking, because of their ability to form

innovative solutions in rapidly changing situations.

What does it take to be a creative leader? Is it possible to transform the mindsets of the

people you work with on daily basis in order to achieve excellence and crush the

competition? According to Sir John Hegarty, founding creative partner of “Bartle Bogle

Hegarty” advertising agency, a successful manager should be sensitive, passionate,

concerned, committed, and above all – inventive. Furthermore, the Future of Jobs

Report (2016-2020), created by the World Economic Forum, shows that the ability to

solve problems, creativity and emotional intelligence are some of the most important

qualities that employees must possess these days in order to shift the way companies

bringing their ideas to life.

But in order to push the envelope, their leader has to build a sense of belonging, a feeling

that the people he works with are a part of a community, that they are creating something

extraordinary. According to a Harvard study, this process increases net income by 756

percent over seven years. It can be achieved by establishing a safe space where

everyone’s ideas can be heard and where the team has a sense of purpose.

A creative leader is flexible and open-minded – he is someone who is willing to step out of

his comfort zone as often as possible. He embraces the possibility of failure at the early

stages of testing various prototypes, while minimizing the costs in the long run. The

fear of failure will only compromise his creative process. However, by making mistakes

and analysing them, by using design thinking, he and his team will be able to develop a

better product or service that meets the needs and wishes of users.

French artist and TED contributor Philippe Petit thinks of creativity as an intellectual

rebellion, a step out of the ordinary. In addition, a creative leader understands the

importance of thinking outside of the box, of breaking the norm and of inventing new

possibilities beyond everyone’s expectations. If he is not able to escape from the

pattern, which is already created, he will be sucked into a downward spiral.

Approaching the problem from another angle, challenging social norms and taking risks

that result in revolutionary solutions is the way progressive companies tackle the

challenges of advancing a brand.

- Fabrica 360


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