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Design to Make a Difference | Design Thinking Camp 2019

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Missed the Design Thinking Camp Sofia 2019? Here is a summary of Mr. Rama Gheerawo's talk as well as a short video of the talk on Creative Leadership he delivered.

Rama Gheerawo, Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art, UK. Rama Gheerawo is an international figure within design, business and innovation with nearly two decades of experience in Design Thinking and Inclusive Design. He is a serial innovator in the fields of technology, products, services, and mobility.

He works across government, industry and the public sector with a major client list that includes Samsung, Toyota, Panasonic, Sony, Arthritis Research UK and the UK and Hong Kong governments – training around 500 civil servants for the latter on creativity and leadership. He is currently co-leading a redesign of the London taxi, and has instigated and delivered ground-breaking work across a variety of sectors.

Design is about human connection. More people should translate insights and frameworks into their practice – move from design thinking to design doing.

“Don’t design something unless you will use it yourself”

“I am a designer, but a human being first”

- Rama Gherrawo

Inclusive Design and Creative Leadership sit around Design Thinking

Design thinking is about people and inclusive design is about including people. “We place inclusive design in the center – we think everything we do is a service”. Inclusive design is defined as including the needs of the widest number of people in your design. Inclusive design is a “kickstarter” or “catalyst” for Design Thinking. It will keep you honest and authentic in your work. Inclusive design is improving life, it’s about working with people, but work with real people.

It’s important to move beyond personas, because they won’t tell you where your project fails.

Creative Leadership

Creative leadership activates your inner creativity, and your potential to lead. Creative leadership is the next stage of Design Thinking and Inclusive design. It gives you the power to speak your own creative truth. And be the most vibrant version of yourself. Creative Leadership is like sound waves which amplify design thinking and inclusive design.

"We need creatives who are leaders… and leaders who are creative"

In today’s world we see centralization and top-down control, bullies in leadership positions, individuals with visionary and imaginative capabilities being dismissed as dreamers. There’s also a lack of diversity. In tomorrow’s world we need less centralization and more trust, putting people first and strategy second, individuals with visionary and imaginative capabilities being celebrated as “professional dreamers” and diverse leaders who are thoughtful, not loud.


See the event photos here

Watch the event video here


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