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Sneaking service design into a large organization | Design Thinking Camp 2019

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Missed the Design Thinking Camp Sofia 2019? Here is a summary of Stina Vanhoof's talk.

Stina Vanhoof

Stina Vanhoof is a managing partner and a service designer at Knight Moves agency. She is also the co-founder of the Belgian chapter of Service Design Network. Vanhoof involves her customers until the project that they are co-creating is completed, without losing track of the well-oiled team throughout the whole project race.

At Knight Moves Vanhoof and her colleagues help organizations apply design thinking principles in their line of work to improve the overall customer experiences. Besides developing projects for corporate clients, the agency’s team puts a lot of energy and effort into developing solutions for the public sector and the startup industry in Belgium.

The Knight Moves’ team believes that large organisations are struggling to make the right decisions for their clients and employees. The service designers step in to help those companies figure out how to stay relevant, how to deliver end-to-end services, how to deliver qualitative services over time and how to keep their employees motivated.

The team has found a way to tackle those problems while gently implementing service design and working on real solutions for their customers. The first step is to start with a small project which will give the opportunity to introduce the concept and spark the interest of the organization. The second step is to focus on a larger, holistic project that yields significant results. That is how the organization will find out how big the impact of service design really is. Lastly, integrating service design into the organization on multiple levels can inspire other teams to adopt the method and use it when innovating.

Vanhoof believes that service designers need to understand the organization before formulating how the impact is going to manifest itself. When they get a glimpse of how service design works, these companies and organisations start asking more mature questions and make efforts to tackle more complex issues. Their end goal - creating a better experience for people and facilitate change - doesn’t seem out of reach anymore.

The Belgium designer suggests that in order to deliver great services and long-term quality, organisations need to have an in-house service design team instead of working on partial projects with the help of out-of-house service designers. “We are in the golden age of service design! There is a huge potential for positive impact and organizations are looking at us, service designers, to facilitate this”, Vanhoof concludes.


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